Vitex “Shoal Creek”

Vitex “Shoal Creek” has earned a dominant status among Vitex agnus castus cultivars and is a popular choice with home-owners, professional gardeners and local government agencies alike because of its sought after growing habits and showy fragrant flowers.

This cultivar is known for its fast growth habit, large flower spikes and beautiful purple flowers. These large multi-stemmed shrubs maintain a fairly dense, symmetrical, rounded canopy. In early summer Vitex begins producing silvery gray buds that open to an awesome display of extremely fragrant, lavender flowers. Each cluster of flowers can range from 8-12″ long.

Vitex grows best when planted in full sun and in a location that drains well. It thrives in all areas of Texas, in both acid and alkaline soils: even in hot, dry environments. The Texas Department of Transportation recognizes its toughness, and plants Vitex in highway medians. It is a spectacular butterfly-attracting plant and is deer resistant.

Texas A&M University has designated Vitex as a Texas Superstar Shrub.

Vitex Shoal Creek Shrub - 30 Gallon

Vitex Shrub: Shoal Creek, 30 Gallon