Landscape Designers, Architects

100 gallon Japanese Blueberry grown to spec by Alvin Tree Farm

100 gallon Japanese Blueberry grown to spec by Alvin Tree Farm

Working with architects and landscape professionals throughout Texas, many of our trees now beautify gardens in River Oaks, Bayou Bend Visitor Center and soon our Basham Crape Myrtle trees will line Hermann Park’s Entrance Promenade to the McGovern Centennial Gardens. Read more about this project here.


Specimen Trees

Need a dramatic statement for your landscaping project? Alvin Tree Farm, known for its high quality container-grown nursery trees, specializes in specimen trees; so the next time your client requests a spectacular focal point in their landscaping project Alvin Tree Farm is sure to have just the one.


Contract Grow Trees

When your upcoming project requires trees grown to your specifications contact us about our contract grow program. Rather than having to rely on what is in stock at a date close to planting, our contract grow program ensures that the trees of your choice are not only top quality, but are the size, trunk height and form you desire.


Farm Visit

We welcome the opportunity to help landscape designers, architects and all contract suppliers with their plant material selection. Feel free to contact us for advice on your project and to schedule a farm visit. Call Alvin Tree Farm: 281.331.0190