About Us

The Logo says it all… Quality, Service, Integrity, Devotion – Down to the Roots

We're open and ready for business - new sign for Alvin Tree Farm

Located 25 miles south-east of Houston, Alvin Tree Farm has over 30 years of history of serving the wholesale landscape community with containerized trees. Recently a new chapter began when John Moran took over the reins of Alvin Tree Farm.

John started working at the farm as a part-time delivery driver in 1996 and worked his way up to the Grower position. He knows this business from the ground up, and in July 2013 he took over as President and Grower.

He is excited about this next chapter in the farm’s history.

John’s background in Biology and Chemistry is perfectly suited for the day-to-day challenges of growing healthy specimen material that add beauty to your landscape project. He focuses on growing healthy containerized (as large as 200 gallon) trees by researching the best methods to control pests, planting medium, pruning technique and everything that goes into growing trees that will continue to thrive long after the landscape crew has left.

As John says: “… it all comes down to the root system; we build quality trees from the ground up.”

moving large heavy containerized trees in preparation for delivery
Alvin Tree Farm: large heavy containerized trees being moved onto truck for delivery
Loading trees - our dedicated crew loading trees for delivery

One of our dedicated crew hard at work trimming trees
Alvin Tree Farm takes special care with the soil preparation for use in containerized pots - getting ready for new trees
Alvin Tree Farm takes great care inspecting all the trees / plants as they grow - to prevent disease and insects

Alvin Tree Farm: John inspecting the growth on a crape myrtle tree
One of Alvin Tree Farm's crew using stakes to support new growth on young trees
One of Alvin Tree Farm's crew inspecting growth of young trees